sábado, 2 de febrero de 2008

Water at Every Turn

We have just arrived in Puerto Tranquilo, a town of around 430 inhabitants. Our spirits are high after an awesome couple nights spent with friends Werner and Ninoska and their two kids in one of the most incredible places in the world. We stayed in their guest home (which up until two years ago was their family´s residence) and were treated to wholesome food and showers and even a spell in their sauna. We followed them around a bit and are excited to share their story with you through our film. They are an impassioned family and very much represent the soul of Patagonia.

We can now say that the documentary is taking shape as we get in better shape. It has been difficult at times to capture all that we want to capture with the camera due to other concerns regarding bike equipment, the swirling dust storms that follow each passing car and the constant battle to push onward. Nonetheless, we are trying our best to stop and take a deep breath and film whenever we can because it´s all so special. There is literally water all around us.

Aside from staying with Werner and Ninoska´s family we also spent the day with another friend, Robinson, who lives about 20 kilometers south of Cerro Castillo. He took us on a tour of his farm and we shared many rounds of mate. Robinson has lived all of his 57 years in the same place alongside the River Without a Name and is another example of the type of pioneer who make this place so incredible. In the fall he travelled to and from an English class on horse, 3 and a half hours there and back, every Saturday. We ride onward knowing that the pioneers of the region have perservered through harsh winters and volcanic eruptions and all we can do is keep on pushing.

Thanks for being patient with these blog entries because internet isn´t a part of the natural landscape around here. We will be embarking on a 7-day rafting trip on the Baker River on February 6th, where we will get lots of footage of what is at stake in this dam project.

The sun is now setting and camp must be set up. We will check back in as soon as we can and thanks for reading along!

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